About Signeer

The advertising environment has become highly competitive and oversaturated. That’s why it’s time to turn to something that works. With overcrowded and increasingly ineffective online advertising, overpriced TV space and anachronistic and expensive radio advertising, we represent the best, oldest and most effective advertising medium today: outdoor advertising.

Also known as out-of-home advertising, this has been the fastest growing traditional advertising medium in the UK over the past decade. Taking the form of billboards, indoor and outdoor digital screens, transit, and more, it's used by almost any consumer brand that we all know and love.

Signeer provides entrepreneurs with access to locations with premium traffic flows that help to create memorable brand impressions that stick. We have helped our clients to prove advertising on billboards and other outdoor spaces to be longer-lasting and more memorable than online, TV and radio advertising.

And with the advent of online advertising, prices have, for the first time, become more affordable that ever with a medium that has come back in favour with the general population.

The Signeer platform aims to simplify and facilitate the process of ordering and managing outdoor advertisements. The major benefits of our platform for advertisers are:

  • It makes it easy and cheaper to run outdoor advertising independently
  • It's FREE to sign up and use
  • It equips advertisers with information on the target audience
  • It provides a one-stop shop for the entire advertisement campaign

For property and media owners Signeer platform represents a unique opportunity to connect to the army of small and medium advertisers ready to use available media space to promote their growing brands.